Should You Buy A Commercial Used Truck?

Making a choice to buy new or to buy used when buying a medium to heavy duty work truck is really a personal decision. Buying new does offer the best warranty and the latest in features and gadgets, but it is also the most costly option.

Buying a commercial used truck offers several benefits to any size of company. By doing your research and selecting a top model and design you can have a truck that will last for years at just a fraction of the price of a new truck.

Easy on the Budget

With many of the commercial used truck models on the market, you will find a truck with low miles and hours for a great price. These trucks are made to run for hundreds of thousands of miles, very different than a passenger vehicle.

Finding a one or two-year-old model with low mileage and hours will allow you to own a like-new used truck that is clean, reliable and fits in your budget. Top dealerships will offer great financing rates on these trucks, and they will work with local businesses or fleets to ensure you get just the right truck for your needs. With years in the industry, they may even have suggestions for vehicles you may not have considered.

Check for Maintenance

With most records fully computerized, asking to see the maintenance and service records for any commercial used truck you are considering is a given. Additionally, with a top dealership their own service department will check out the truck, ensuring it is in top mechanical condition before offering it or sale.

Buying through an auction, a private sale or an online sale is a different set of considerations. With these types of sales, it is usually “buyer beware” with the seller assuming all responsibility for the condition of the truck after the purchase is complete.

Consider the Dealer

When buying through a dealer, the reputation of the company is also a good indicator of the type of experience you can expect. Unlike a new truck, a used truck will have limited warranty, but a quality dealer will only offer vehicles that pass their standards for sale.

In addition, with reputable dealers, you will know that the title and other issues with the truck are not going to be a problem, and there will be no unexpected surprises when you go to register and insure the vehicle.


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