Obtain The Care Your Pet Needs WIth a Visit To A Veterinarian In Bowie

A caring, compassionate, and experienced veterinarian will be able to treat a variety of pets that include cats, dogs, and exotic pets in one location. A pet will be able to receive complete care at a veterinarian in Bowie. Medical, surgical, boarding, and grooming can be found in one location and will reduce the stress on a pet.

An experienced veterinarian will have a full-service clinic and will anticipate all of a pet’s needs. One-stop services mean a pet will feel comfortable whether they are being seen for a check-up or if they are being operated on. With all of the services, a pet needs under one roof; the staff will be familiar with a pet’s behavior and will be part of the staff’s family while they are being treated.


Pets can require surgery for any type of condition. Anesthesia that is administered for surgical procedures means a pet should be monitored as closely as a human in a sterilized surgical environment is. The staff will use advanced instruments to minimize any discomfort to a pet and will provide sterilized bedding and surgical gowns for each operation.

Dental Care

Dental care for a pet is important for keeping them healthy and happy. Dogs and cats can get the same dental problems as humans, including cavities and infections. An ultrasonic dental scaler will remove heavy tartar and plaque that can cause discomfort to a pet. A veterinarian in Bowie will also perform a dental X-ray and tooth extraction when necessary.

Boarding And Daycare

Although it would be nice to remain home with our pets, a daycare and boarding area at the vet’s office will provide a safe and clean environment with interaction throughout the day. There is an option to upgrade to deluxe accommodations for boarding that including daily brushings and larger areas. The attentive staff will play with a pet in a large outdoor area, and a cat will be able to relax in a comfortable suite.

Whether you own an exotic animal, cat, or dog, you will find all of the care your pet needs in one location. Please visit GambrillsVeterinaryCenter.com for more information.


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