In many industries, corrosion is a serious problem. If rust is to set in, it can result in serious consequences to not only the integrity of product but also for those who are working with or are near it if it fails. When the product is a metal such as steel, it is essential to make sure rust does not set in. One answer is applying a powder coating. For an industry to obtain more than basic powdered coating steel rust protection, it requires a material with significant and durable properties. One that fulfils these demands is Nylon 11.

What Is Nylon 11?

Nylon 11, also known as Rilsan® PA11, is a high-performance technical polymer. A bioplastic it is produced from “green” raw material, in this case, castor beans. It is one of the few plastics to be sourced form a 100% renewable material.

Substrates for Nylon 11 Coatings

Nylon coatings show remarkable adherence to many materials. Unlike some coatings, they can easily cover and stick to both metal and non-metal substances. While stainless steel is a favored material for Nylon 11 coating, it is not the only metal. Nylon 11 adheres easily and effectively to:

* Carbon steel

* Chrome plated steel

* Galvanized steel

* Aluminum in bar, rod or sheet form

* Several aluminum alloys

* Copper

* Brass

* Bronze

* Red brass

Nylon 11 also has no trouble sticking to various fabrics as well as polyurethane foams, thermoplastics, thermosets and various other composites.

Properties of Nylon 11 Coating

Nylon coatings are multi-functional in what they provide their substrates. In general, fabricators and manufacturers consider Nylon 11 to have:

* Thermal stability

* Mechanical durability

* Good impact resistance

* Solid anti-corrosive resistance

* Good chemical resistance

* High abrasion resistance

* Flexibility

* Great machinability

* High creep and wear resistance

Available in more than one color, Nylon 11 is more than a simple powder coated steel rust protection. It has a classification of “green.” This combination of properties ensures it is in high demand in a variety of industrial applications.

Uses for Nylon Coatings

Nylon 11 finds its way as substrate coatings for products and components in many different industries. It is popular in:

* Medical Applications: These include forceps, defibrillator paddles and catheters

* Automotive Industry: The focus here is on fuel contact applications such as multi-layer fuel lines as well as pneumatic brake lines

* IT Applications: The usual suspects here are semiconductors and wire and

* Water Management Applications: This includes such potable water systems as piping systems, water reticulation equipment and the casing on water pipes

* Oil And Natural Gas Industry: Various equipment uses Nylon 11 including underwater flexible pipes

* Wire products: If you have a dishwasher the racks and shelving units may have a Nylon 11 coating

This short list contains only a few of the many applications industry has for Nylon 11 coatings.

Nylon 11 for Powder Coated Steel Rust Protection

Nylon 11 possesses many properties that make it a desirable material for powder coatings. In this format, it is capable of providing a variety of qualities to a metal or even fabric substrate. In this fashion, it finds popularity in some of the more demanding industries. For them and their products, one of the best power coated steel rust protection is achieved by employing Nylon 11.

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