Need a Social Security Lawyer? Hire the Best in Waukegan

If you cannot work due to a mental or physical disability that is expected to last more than one year, you can file a claim for Social Security disability benefits. At this stage, you may wonder if it is to your advantage to hire a Social Security lawyer. Other claimants that have prepared a claim only to have it denied may be wondering the same thing.

Most of those considering a claim or faced with appealing a denial of their initial claim may believe they cannot afford to hire a qualified lawyer; this is not the case. A lawyer in Waukegan can handle your case based on a contingency fee basis. The fee is set by Social Security and will be paid from the past due benefits your lawyer wins for you.

Go It Alone or Hire a Lawyer?

Statistically, the vast majority of initial claims for disability benefits are denied. As the claimant, you can ask that the decision to deny benefits be reconsidered but rarely does this result in approval.

The greatest majority of claims that are denied will proceed to a hearing, which takes place in the presence of an administrative law judge. It is at this stage that having a seasoned disability lawyer that knows what to expect can help to win your claim. Although a lawyer cannot guarantee that you will be granted benefits, he or she can ensure that your case is well developed before meeting with the ALJ.

The Chances of Winning Are Better When You Have Legal Help

It is possible to win a disability claim at the hearing stage without the help of a Social Security lawyer. However, the chances of presenting a winning argument are far better when a knowledgeable lawyer represents a claimant.

You only have to pay your Waukegan lawyer when you are granted benefits, and the legal fee comes from the back pay you are awarded; it is easy to understand why hiring an experienced lawyer is in your best interest. Going it alone can easily result in losing much-needed benefits.

If you need to hire a Social Security lawyer, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. near Waukegan. Visit and request a free case evaluation. Follow us on twitter.

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