Moving Your Historic Home in Slidell, LA to a Better Location

New Orleans and the surrounding area have some of the most beautiful and oldest homes in the country. The iconic architecture featured in this region of Louisiana is often subject to either demolition or restoration, depending on which side of the fence you sit with regards to these buildings. If you have a historic home located on a property in Slidell, for example, and you want to move it to higher ground or move it to a better plot of land to preserve it, you will need a contractor that offers house elevation in Slidell.

Aside from hiring a contractor for house elevation in Slidell, you could possibly hire a contractor that offers the same services in New Orleans. However, coming across the bay to Slidell may cost extra. As you begin the process, here’s what to expect.

You Will Need to Remove Everything From the House

An empty house is safer to elevate and move than a house, and a home with nothing inside is less likely to have belongings damaged as the lifting of the house from its foundation begins. Be sure to remove everything from the house, including yourself and your personal effects.

It Will Take at Least a Week to Complete

As long as the weather cooperates, this elevation and moving process will take about a week. Of course, that only works if everything goes according to plan. You may need to stay in a hotel for a bit. To get started, contact Patterson Structural Moving and Shoring, LLC at


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