3 Signs of Tree Damage in Wheaton, IL That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many people live in properties with trees around them. Some people enjoy the look of large trees extending into the sky, while others enjoy the way that trees can block out heat during warm summers. Unfortunately, certain situations can cause the health of trees on your property to worsen. With that in mind, here are a few common causes of tree damage.

Pest Damage

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to see pests throughout your home. It’s also not great to have pests around your trees. Certain pests like termites and bark borers can destroy trees rapidly. To make matters worse, other pests attack trees in ways that aren’t easy for the human eye to see. For help with this problem, find a company that provides tree care services in Wheaton, IL.

Lightning Strikes

It’s hard to avoid long periods without dealing with an occasional storm. One thing that commonly happens during storms is the formation of lightning. As you likely know, lightning isn’t something you want to come in contact with. Lightning can also be extremely harmful to trees. After most lightning strikes, a tree will need to come down.

Too Much Pruning

Lastly, make sure you avoid over-pruning your trees. While a little topping or pruning is good, going overboard can leave your tree vulnerable to damage from storms and pests.

If you need a professional to assess the condition of your trees, it’s time to reach out to a company that provides tree care services in Wheaton, IL. To find the help you need, consider contacting Tree Green at treegreenmd.com.


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