Model UN Position Paper

One of the most important aspects of a successful delegate in a model United Nations is the position paper. A model UN position paper arranges thoughts, research, reactions and suggestions into a readable format for the committee chair who reviews it. A quality position paper is key to your position as a representative of your chosen country. Read on to find out more about these papers, and how the best delegates tackle them to achieve a successful resolution.

What is a Position Paper?

The position paper is a collection of research to express viewpoints on the issue raised during discussion on the model UN floor. This paper will show the chair of the committee what your country thinks of the problem at hand, as well as how invested you are as a participant in the session. Writing a solid paper is a way to help convince others of your country or group’s position on the issue and ensure that your voice is heard as a representative.

Tips for Writing Your Paper

Writing an entire paper in the time before a model un conference might seem intimidating, but these papers are easy to write with a little practice. Some tips for creating a great model UN position paper include:

  • Be prepared. Know what you’re talking about beforehand by studying and using model UN preparation resources.
  • Be brief. Most position papers average out at a single page in length, so get right to the point of what you want to say.
  • Speak plainly. Though you want to sound informed and intelligent, there is neither time nor space for floral language.
  • Make your case. Be sure to include details about how the issue at hand is relevant to or affects your nation, how they view the issue itself and what your suggested resolution would include.

Position papers are important, but they don’t have to be hard. Say what you need to, make it sensible and simple and keep your focused on current topics. With this in mind, you’ll soon be writing award-winning position papers, every time!


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