7 Reasons to Love Lobsters

Steam them, stuff them on a roll or grill them for your Sunday family brunches—lobsters are an enduring favorite. Here’s why we love them:

Easy to eat

Some lobsters have thinner shells so they’re easier to crack and eat by hand. You won’t have to use a contraption to free up the meat which is the usual problem with crabs. With modern packaging techniques, you can have lobsters out of Quincy Market shipped to wherever you are.

Romantic fare

Trying to come up with the perfect romantic dinner proposal? That dinner isn’t going to be complete without succulent lobsters on the table. They’re red, which is the color of love, says ChowHound. That makes lobsters the perfect complement to red roses and a box of chocolates.


The eating experience itself can be romantic. You dig in with your hands. You get messy. You suck at the juice and savor the meat—together. That makes for a very pleasurable eating experience.

Easy cleanup

Don’t worry about dips and stains. A lobster bib is going to be there to save the date, especially if you plan on taking your special someone to a bit of drinking and dancing afterwards.

Champagne classic

Lobsters and champagne go together like ham and eggs. If you want the perfect companion to a bottle of bubbly, then you’ll want to serve that up with a plate—or tub—of lobsters.


This is another reason why lovers love lobsters. The meat is rich in low-fat protein so it boosts dopamine and no repinephrine. Both brain chemicals, when boosted, heighten sensitivity. Zinc levels in lobsters also boost the male libido.

Easy access

Ordering Quincy Market lobsters is now easy. Go online and look for reputable providers to deliver these delicious crustaceans straight to your door. If you want to cook your special someone a special dinner, putting that together is easy when you can simply order what you need online.


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