Metal Fabrication: Improving Through Technology

In the past, metal fabrication and welding shops across North America, including Cleveland OH, relied on certain traditional methods, techniques, and tools to produce products and components. Today, however, these companies have moved away from conventional, hand-held and manual tools. Instead, they make use of the latest technology to improve capabilities, production levels, and market bases.

The Computer Has Landed

While fabrication and welding always require skill and experience, the means of execution are varying. The machinery and tools welders and fabricators turn to are in the process of evolving far beyond the simple, manual equipment seen even 25 years ago. Edge and cutting tools are slicing through materials easier and with greater accuracy than ever before. Plasma and laser cutters are behind this change.

Precision cuts are becoming more common with the use of lasers. They can slice through any metal easily, efficiently and exactly. They can operate with increasing efficiency and speed, replicating cuts without error. When such machinery and devices combine with computer numerical control, the results are even more exacting.

Computers are increasingly providing metal fabrication shops with the tools they need to improve production. The integration of CNC with computer aided design (CAD) programs continues to raise the bar. In Cleveland, many companies are relying on computers to expand and develop the ability and production levels and quality. Computers operate robotic welders to produce specific types of parts quickly, easily and safely. Fabricators also use computer aided manufacturing (CAM)/CAD to produce a design and/or a prototype for a component.

Metal Fabrication

Continuing on this path is essential if fabricators are to maintain a presence in the marketplace. By utilizing the latest technology, metal fabrication companies can produce products swiftly and efficiently. The results are precise – even when the component is complex in shape or style, and easily replicable. In Cleveland, shops are quickly discovering these benefits and more.


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