Making the Most Of Your Visit: How to Prepare for Urgent Care

When you are feeling under the weather or simply dread the interminable wait of an ER, urgent care is an ideal alternative for all non-life-threatening conditions. With both walk-in and by-appointment options, UC is the ultimate choice for those looking for quick, convenient, and compassionate care. To make the most of your visit, consider the following before you go:

Choose the Right Level of Care

Designed to provide fast and friendly care for all non-life-threatening illness and injury, urgent care is the perfect option when you don’t need the ER but can’t wait for your PCP. Familiarize yourself with clinics in your area, and enquire about on-site services such as x-rays and lab testing. Check hours, keeping note of which ones have late-night and extended availability.

Check Your Coverage and Budget

Most urgent care clinics accept insurance, but you’ll want to check with your provider to see whether UC services are covered. Alternatively, ask clinic staff about payment plans for the uninsured, as they could potentially be more affordable than your co-pay. Finally, enquire into payment methods and plans, and whether you’ll have to pay up front or if you can be billed at a later date.

Take Someone Along For the Ride

As with any medical emergency, there’s no way of knowing what your visit will entail. On the off-chance that you are prescribed medication or perhaps just need space to clear your head, take someone along for the ride as both a secondary driver and emotional support.

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