Is Your Website Positioned to Get Found on Google?

Even though your target audience is limited to a specific geographical area, never underestimate the importance of search engine optimization. The right small business SEO service in New York can help you take a fresh look at what’s already in place and identify ways to make it more effective. Here are some reasons why an evaluation from the right SEO expert will make a difference.

Your Keywords Aren’t Ranking Any Longer
Your current content includes the natural use of a number of keywords and keyword phrases. That’s great, but those particular keywords are no longer ranking as high as they were a few years back. The result is that they aren’t doing a lot to help your pages rank higher in search engine results. A professional can help revise the content so that it logically includes keywords that are currently ranking.

You’re Not Utilizing Linking Effectively
Did you know that linking within your website can help you boost your website’s keyword ranking. The most popular engines today require that links must be relevant to the content topics and provide a solid reason for readers to click on them. If not, then you can expect your pages to rank lower. Utilizing a small business SEO service in New York, can help you attract quality links that boost your rankings.

Your Content Is Out of Date
How much of the information on your blog or website is no longer accurate? Things do change, and you need to ensure that whatever you provide to readers is up to date. A full evaluation of the content by an expert that offers small business SEO service in New York will reveal what’s still helpful and what needs to be updated or replaced.

Are you ready for a full evaluation of your online presence? Would you like to develop a winning SEO strategy? The team at Captivate Designs is ready to help. Call today or for a free consultation. Together, we can ensure your SEO is up to date and that your pages are placing higher in search engine rankings.


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