Make Your Tailgating Party the Envy of the Game

Football season means tailgating. But, the definition of a good tailgate party can be a bit subjective. However, when you know how to really go over the top with your spread, everyone agrees it’s a great time.

If you’re looking for ways to up your tailgating game this year, consider adding a tailgate BBQ pit to your repertoire. With tailgate BBQ pits, you can cook anything you want to serve, and serve a big crowd, if you desire.

Anything that can be transported to the game in your truck for cooking onsite can be considered a tailgate BBQ pit. If you feed small crowds, a tabletop barbecue or Texas hibachi may be all you need. If you want to be able to feed more people, consider a larger grill on wheels that’s easy to maneuver at the game, but large enough to cook for all your friends.

Once you have the tailgate BBQ pit determined, it’s time to consider your menu. Whether you choose to grill steaks, burgers or smoke some ribs, you need great sides to go with it. You can cook baked beans or bake potatoes right on your grill, but having some cold sides is a good idea, as well. Make sure your recipe for potato salad and coleslaw are the best around. Add homemade pimento cheese to your cooler for the perfect appetizer while people are waiting for those ribs to cook.

You’ll enjoy football season more than ever when you have the perfect setup for tailgating. A tailgating BBQ pit really provides flexibility for changing up your menu or your guest list whenever you desire. Talk with your barbecue grill dealer about the perfect tailgating grill before football season hits. Then get started on all those great recipes.


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