Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI) has been in business for more than 40 years. During this time, they have supplied a variety of products to their clients across the United States. In Texas and Louisiana, their conveyor components find a wide market among certain industries. Mining companies rely on their wing and drum pulleys to convey their material swiftly, efficiently and accurately. In addition to these types of pulleys, PPI offers its clients the Single Disc Pulley (SDE).

What Is the Single Disc Elevator (SDE), Pulley
Pulleys serve a singular purpose. They make lifting and moving a load easier. They accomplish this through a very simple design. Essentially, a pulley consists of:

1. A wheel grooved along its edge
2. A rope or cable of almost any material

The rope or cable slides around the wheel. Someone or something then applies force to the rope, which then hauls up or across the load. By creating a pulley system, the designers can further reduce the amount of force necessary to move the object.

An SDE operates under this same principle. However, the design of this type of Precision Pulley features a variation on the wheel rim. The disc is continuously welded to the rim (on both sides) producing a one-piece pulley. This type of pulley also features:

Heavy duty construction
Superior strength
High compression hubs
High compression bushing
The intent of the design is to reduce the overall common results of pulley fatigue. These are stress and deflection.

Precision Pulley and Idler

PPI supplies the United States, including Texas and Louisiana with components that maintain the quality associated with the company. Since its beginning, Precision Pulley and Idler have worked diligently to ensure their products, including conveyor pulleys and idlers, providing high-quality solutions for their customers. Coupled together with excellent customer service and a team of experts, PPI continues to produce products that provide their customers with a reason to return.

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