Cleaning is a chore most of us don’t enjoy, even though we love having a clean house. Keeping your time spent cleaning to a minimum helps you get back to doing the things you love, like spending time with your family. Choosing the right cleaning products can help you get all your household cleaning done much more quickly.

Choose cleaning products that do double duty to make things go more quickly. You can move through your home much more quickly when you don’t have to stop and switch products every time you move to a different room or clean a different type of area. There are plenty of multi-purpose products that work for the bathroom and the kitchen, for example.

It’s also important to choose products that don’t leave behind residue or create other cleaning issues. Window cleaners, for example, are notorious for leaving streaks that increase your cleaning time. Choose the best streak free window cleaner to ensure you don’t have to clean up behind your cleaning! The best streak free window cleaner is a product that can do double duty, as well. Window cleaners are great for cleaning mirrors and stainless steel, as well as windows.

Finally, clean in an organized fashion to help keep your cleaning time to a minimum. Clean one room at a time by gathering all your cleaning supplies first, so that once you enter the room, you can stay until you’re finished with every surface. Then, move on to the next room and do the same. This prevents you from failing to finish everything in the room.

When you choose the best products and get everything organized ahead of time, you can move through your daily cleaning chores quickly, and without a lot of hassle, giving you the best of both worlds.

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