Best Kitchen Degreaser – Old Method Vs. New

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Kitchen cleaning


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Have you looked at your range hood lately? Maybe the wall behind the stove has little spots of grease. Unless you take care of these things now, greasy dirt builds up in the kitchen and becomes a real problem. During times like these, you need the best kitchen degreaser you can find, and you can go with the old way of cleaning or one of the newest methods for degreasing. Here is information to help you decide.

The Old Fashion Cleaning Method

Normally, to get rid of the grease you have to prepare yourself for some major scrubbing. You might also want to increase the airflow in the kitchen, in case you start to work up a sweat, because it is hard work sometimes. It is time to get out a roll of paper towels, cleaning cloths, dishwashing soap, vinegar, and baking soda. This can leave a strong odor behind for a while because vinegar is a potent cleaner. Do not forget to get out your cleaning bucket and rubber gloves to keep your hands from getting chapped.

Mix all the cleaners together and scrub hard. After scrubbing, you may want to scrub some more. This is sometimes repeated many times before you finally get rid of the grease. Although some people think this is the best kitchen degreaser option, there is an easier way.

The New Method

One of the newest methods for getting rid of grease involves concentrated natural cleaners. The system uses special pods you mix with water to create the best kitchen degreaser. Using the new cleaner is simple and easy. After mixing it, you just spray it on and wipe off the nasty greasy grime.

This cleaner is non-toxic. It does not leave any streaks behind and is eco-friendly. You can save money too because it is one of the most economical ways to clean.

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