Considerations When Evaluating An Aerospace Machine Shop

There are many different types of machine shops from very general machining capabilities with manually operated equipment to full CNC precision machining services. For specific industries, including the aerospace industry, it is important to choose a machining service to ensure the quality and production standards required in the manufacturing of parts and components.

Pricing Considerations

When choosing an aerospace machine shop, comparing your options is an important first step. While the cost of the contract manufacturing services will be a factor that is closer to the top of the list, it should not be the primary factor used to include or exclude service providers.

An aerospace machine shop with the latest in equipment and highly trained machinists and staff will typically be competitively priced with companies of equal levels of capabilities. However, they will also be higher cost than a lower quality manufacturer, with the obvious difference being the precision machining of parts to the exacting standards required in the aerospace industry.

Specialized Recognition

A factor to consider when comparing any aerospace machine shop is the designation as Gulfstream Aerospace supplier. This means the machining service meets the requirements of the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

Machine shops with this designation have a demonstrated ability to work with typical and exotic metals, alloys and materials used in the aerospace industry. They are also able to manufacture parts and components to the exacting standards that are essential.

History of the Company

The longer a Gulfstream approved machining service has been in business, the greater their expertise and experience in producing parts for the industry. It also demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, order delivery on schedule and the ability to work to the specifications for parts which may be far more challenging to produce than basic parts and components.


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