Looking For An Italian Restaurant In Houston?

When you want real Italian, the only thing that will do is to visit an authentic Italian restaurant in Houston.  Truly authentic Italian food comes from the freshest ingredients and relies on age old cooking traditions.  You want to experience traditional favorites with a twist that makes them unique.  Choosing the ideal Italian restaurant is reliant on two things:

  *  Atmosphere

  *  The food

Somewhere along the way “eating out” has become something that is done at a frantic pace, it has lost its “event” feel and become something that is done while shouting into a mic at a drive up window.  To truly experience Italian food, you need to slow down and patronize a restaurant that puts an effort not only into the food but into the entire experience. For a memorable meal you want the whole package. You want the atmosphere and the good food.  In Italy meals are taken seriously. They are savored and enjoyed with friends and family.  You want to be able to linger over your meal and savor every bite to fully enjoy your meal.

The Menu

Choosing an Italian restaurant means evaluating the menu and looking for unique dishes that have been designed to elicit the ohhs and ahhs that you hope to hear in a restaurant when the food arrives. Look for a menu that is memorable that offers fresh food that is prepared with care.  In Italy only the freshest ingredients are used to coax the best flavors. The right restaurant will follow suit and utilize seasonal favorites and incorporate them into their menu.

Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t discount a restaurant that has multiple locations. Some “foodies” are convinced that the only way to truly experience an Italian restaurant that offers the right atmosphere and an authentic taste is to visit a “one of” type restaurant.  This misconception can cause you to miss out on some of the best opportunities to experience Italian in a whole new way.  Sometimes more is more! When an Italian restaurant is popular it is popular for a reason, if the brand can do well in more than one location that is a good sign that it offers something that many people have found they want.  There is a difference between “multiple locations” AND a “chain”.  An upscale experience does not have to be relegated to a single location.

For a one of a kind Italian restaurant in Houston experience, check out Mia Bella Trattoria. Expect the unexpected at Mia Bell Trattoria, with delicious Italian food cooked the way it should be. Make your reservation today!


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