Kitchen Remodeling Time: Would a Tin Backsplash Installation in Englewood, NJ Be Best?

The kitchen is long overdue for an update. After deciding that everything will go, the homeowner is faced with making choices about everything that will go into space. Choosing to go with a Tin Backsplash Installation Englewood NJ instead of some other type of material provides advantages that the owner will enjoy for years. Here are some advantages to keeping in mind.


The Tin Backsplash Installation Englewood NJ will likely involve the space directly behind the range top and possibly the wall space between the cabinetry and the countertop. While other materials like ceramic will do the job, the tin will last much longer and retain its appearance for more years. Since kitchen makeovers are not cheap, it makes sense to get the most benefit from every new element secured for space. Knowing the backsplash will not have to be replaced for decades is a wise investment.


The nice thing about using the tin for the backsplash is that the homeowner can have any look desired. There’s the option of going with the natural shade of the tin or coating it with some color. Methods used to apply the coating typically involve the application of heat to ensure the color remains fast and true for years.

Even the design on the tin can be used to create whatever effect that the homeowner has in mind. For example, the idea may be to incorporate a punched tin design that’s a lot like the approach used with pie safes in days gone by. A professional can come up with a plan that makes it easy to create the design, seal the tin, and make sure it’s the proper scale for space.

Cleaning Up

Backsplashes serve the purpose of protecting the walls from spatters. Whether that spatter happens to be grease from a frying pan or cake batter that get’s sloshed across the counter and onto the wall, cleaning up will be a snap. Thanks to the nature of the tin, it’s easy to use whatever is needed to cut the grease and leave the Tin Backsplash Installation Englewood NJ completely clean.

Browse our website today and check out the different options for this and other updates to the kitchen. It won’t take long to come up with a plan, get some pricing, and decide what elements would make the space more functional and attractive.


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