How Ford is Changing the Pickup Truck

The pickup truck has been basically the same since they were introduced by Ford with the creation of the Ford Model T Runabout with a pickup bed. This was the first truck and was essentially a pickup bed added to the front portion of a Model T. From there they continued to get bigger, heavier, and stronger. Pickups have followed this same trend with rare exceptions such as the Ranchero and El Camino, but lately, Ford has been making revolutionary changes to the design of their F-series trucks. Here are some recent improvements to Ford trucks in Bedford Park and around the world.

Lighter Bodies

Recently Ford has begun using aluminum beds instead of steel. This provides a much lighter bed and reduces the weight of the truck by several hundred pounds. The downside to this is that repairs are more expensive and an aluminum bed is more likely to tear than a steel bed, but if you are not actively abusing your truck then it will be plenty strong.

Better Engines

Ford has been leading the pack when it comes to turbocharged engines. Their Ecoboost engines produce more power and use less fuel than most of the competition’s turbocharged offerings. With this model year, Ford has also introduced the redesigned Ecoboost 3.5L V6, which is a complete redesign of the first generation 3.5L. Currently, the engine is only available in the Raptor edition but will be making its way to the standard F-series, hopefully around the half model year.

Tougher Than Ever

Ford’s trucks are getting lighter and stronger, but they are also getting tougher. In the past, if a car or truck got over 100,000 miles it was doing well. Now, however, the bar is set much higher. You should expect a long service life from your new F-series truck.

Ford is leading the way in the industry when it comes to improving their technology and their product as a whole.

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