Key Features of Advanced Police Duty Boots

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Shopping


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Keeping your feet safe is always a goal while on the job. As a police officer, it does not matter what your assignment is; you spend a lot of time on your feet and ready to react to whatever the day brings. Yet, your shoes have to provide the opportunity for this type of action. Police duty boots now offer more features than ever to help protect and comfort the foot throughout the long day of work.

Advanced Performance

A key feature to look for in police duty boots is advanced performance. This means the foot remains protected and supported throughout the day, even long term. They also are designed to be very lightweight so they can be easy to move in. Weight makes boots hard to lug around and makes your body tired sooner. You also want to ensure the boot is flexible enough to move, twist, turn, and grip surfaces no matter if they are wet, icy, or otherwise dangerous.

Air Control

There are several key concerns for the feet of someone on them all day. The boots you select need to eliminate these risks. For example, they should be designed to be waterproof. However, they also need to have a system in place to keep the foot’s moisture from building up. They need to keep the foot cool while also ensuring for proper protection against high temperatures. The technology built into them should allow this to be possible.

Running, stopping fast, gripping rough surfaces, and spending a lot of time standing means the shoes on your feet have a lot of work to do to keep up with you. Choose police duty boots designed to function at the highest level possible all of the time. This can determine just how well you perform throughout the course of the day.

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