Keeping Your Farm Equipment in the Best Running Condition Possible

The livelihood of your farm or ranch depends in part on the quality of equipment you use every day. When you allow equipment like your tractor or combine to fall into disrepair, you may not be able to work at a pace that allows you to bring in a profit each season.

Rather than risk your machines falling apart and no longer working, you may want to do everything possible to keep them in running condition. You can continue to work without interruption each day by keeping these simple tips in mind.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Just as you would care for your car or truck, you need to do routine maintenance on your farming equipment. The maintenance can range from changing the oil every three to six months to replacing old and outdated fixtures with Covington planter parts. 

While you may not have a lot of downtime during the week, you may want to set aside an hour or two every few days to examine your machines and make sure they are in good condition. These routine checks can help you head off expensive repairs in the future.

Use High-Quality Repair Parts

When you do have to make repairs to your tractor, combine, and other equipment, you may want to use brand new Covington planter parts rather than parts you can get at the junkyard or secondhand parts store. Using new parts ensures your machines will last longer. You also get the benefit of having a warranty on them if or when they need to be repaired or replaced.

These tips can help you guarantee your farm’s success and productivity. You avoid losing money on broken down equipment. You also get the investment of parts that are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty on them. You can find these parts for sale online.


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