3 Reasons Why Waterproofing Must Be Part of Your Basement Remodeling Plans

You’ve decided to finish your basement and transform it into some type of living space. Before getting to work on any cosmetic touches, it’s important to address the issue of basement waterproofing in Little Rock, AR. Proofing the floor and walls can pay off in a big way. Here are three of the benefits of waterproofing the space before you jump into other aspects of remodeling. 

Prevent Water Seepage

Experience has taught you that walls can begin to weep a bit when heavy rains come through the area. Did you know that having those walls waterproofed can prevent that from happening? That’s important if you want to use the space during any time of the year when rain is more likely to occur. 

Avoid Mold and Mildew

The right approach to basement waterproofing in Little Rock also prevents mold from developing behind whatever type of wall paneling you decide to install. Even if you leave the walls exposed, the dampness that results from untreated surfaces could cause mildew on any fabric placed in the space. Waterproof the walls and floor, and you keep the place cleaner while protecting your health and that of your family. 

More Control Over Temperature and Humidity 

If you plan to use the space year-round, waterproofing will give you more control over the basement climate. The barrier helps you to heat the space in winter and keep the temperature and humidity under control in summer. That makes the basement a comfortable space no matter what the weather is doing. 

Would you like to know more about basement waterproofing in Little Rock? Talk with a contractor today to get an idea of what sort of preparation your space needs. Once the waterproofing is complete, you can get back to making other structural changes and choosing furnishings, so your basement can serve its new purpose.


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