Keeping An Ice Luge in Long Island NY From Melting

When a wedding reception is to be held, adding an ice luge in Long Island, NY to the decor is likely to be a conversation piece that guests will enjoy using throughout the event. Since an ice luge is at risk of melting, steps can be taken to ensure it lasts throughout the reception without the ice sculpture becoming altered. Here are some steps that will ensure an ice luge remains intact.

Make Preparations Before Picking Up The Luge

It is best to avoid picking up an ice luge until right before it is going to be needed. For this reason, scheduling a pick up with the service that constructed the luge will be necessary. At the reception location, a small pool can be positioned on the floor or ground to contain any moisture that drips from the luge. This can be covered with a sheet to match the decor if desired. If the luge will be placed directly in the pool, ice cubes can be placed inside of the area first to help keep it cool. If it will be placed on a table, fans can be positioned nearby to help keep the ice from melting.

Take Steps To Protect The Luge During Transport

When picking up an ice luge from an ice distributor, it is best to avoid using heat in the vehicle where it will be resting during transport. Instead, use air conditioning to keep the temperature inside of the vehicle cool so melting does not occur. Preparing the vehicle by placing a tarp on the floor in the area where the luge will be resting. This will keep the luge from getting dirty in addition to protecting the vehicle from moisture damage.

Place The Ice Luge Appropriately

When the ice luge arrives at the destination, bring it out of the vehicle to set up promptly for display. This should be in a shaded area away from illuminating light bulbs or sunlight. A fan can be kept in the area to help keep warm temperatures at bay if necessary.

When there is a desire to find a distributor to create an ice luge in Long Island, NY for a wedding reception, consider giving Long Island Ice & Fuel a try. Contact them to find out more about the services they provide as well as pricing.


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