Keep Track of Attendance the Right Way

With modern technology you can bid adieu to the age old, traditional methods for keeping track of attendance data. Many organizations still use the traditional methods of maintaining attendance data, such as time cards, machines for punching date and time, etc. Using these age old methods leave a chance of false attendance data, buddy punching and other such problems. Having an automated Time-Attendance system in place can help eradicate these issues effectively.

The Solution to Keep Track of Attendance

Technology has come a long way. When it comes to attendance you now have the option to use a biometric attendance system. This is the type of system where people cannot cheat and enter false attendance data. In order to mark attendance, employees may either have to scan their fingerprint or use an RFID card. Since fingerprints are unique for each person, chances of entering erroneous attendance are completely eradicated.

The Biometric Device

Biometric devices scan fingerprints of users quickly and records accurate attendance data. Some biometric devices also have card readers which can be used for RFID cards. The card reader can also be set up in a way that employees can enter by entering a PIN. These automated devices are quite easy to use and fast in comparison to the traditional methods of recording attendance data. These devices can be mounted by your entrance door, making it easier for your employees to mark their attendance.

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