Dealing with a busted pipe in your home

There are several reasons why a plumbing pipe might burst. Although it is not a common occurrence in North Georgia there is always the chance of a freeze but more often the cause is age, misuse or damage. Regardless of what causes the busted pipe in Cumming GA the results can be a catastrophe. A busted pipe in the main distribution system affects every home but there is no damage; a busted pipe in the home can do a great deal of damage and the cost of clean-up and replacing carpets, furniture; etc. can run into many thousands of dollars.

What should the homeowner do?

As a homeowner, in the event a pipe in your plumbing system should burst you must take immediate action. When a water pipe lets go, time is your enemy, even a small problem such as a failed joint can release hundreds of gallons of water within a very short period of time.

  • Turn the water supply off: There are numerous valves in the plumbing system in your home, there is one that isolates each fixture such as a sink or toilet and there is a main valve that shuts the water off to the entire system. If you know where the fault is, then shut off the secondary valve, if the water is pouring out from behind the wall, it is better to shut the main valve.
  • Call your plumber: A busted pipe in Cumming GA is not something that a typical homeowner can deal with. Don’t waste time thinking about whether you can repair the problem, a busted pipe is a true plumbing emergency and a plumbing pro is needed and needed fast.

About the only thing you can do while waiting for the plumber is to open all the taps to drain the system and then start mopping the water up as best you can. The quicker you act, the less damage there will be.


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