Is It the Garage Door Openers Replacement Fort Myers Or is it the Actual Garage?

It is the classic case of not knowing how to diagnose a larger problem with two separate parts. Is it the switch or the device, the remote or the television? Garage door openers do go bad but, when is a non-functioning garage door a problem with the opener or the actual garage?

Before getting a quick Garage Door Openers Replacement Fort Myers, go through the list. The actual device could be working fine, and it is the garage that is not working. Thankfully, there are some short troubleshooting tips.

Replace the Cord

The cord from the garage door opener to the socket can short-circuit. Try to replace this cord before going for the full fix. Of course, a Garage Door Openers Replacement in Fort Myers can easily replace the cord and diagnose the source of the problems.

Unlock the Settings

Security systems have a bit of a mind all their own. Some security systems are actually connected to the garage door. This means that when activated, the settings will lock the garage door opener in case someone gets access to it. Some families do not know their security system is directly connected to this lock feature, and it may cause the opener to be unresponsive.


Garage Door Openers Replacement Fort Myers may be advised if the remote is not programmed. They do need to be reprogrammed every so often. Just like a smartphone that locks up, it is sometimes wise to do a hard reset with the equipment. The manual may provide this information. A professional at Garage Doors By Roy North Inc. will also be able to easily reprogram the settings.

Dirty Sensor

Is the garage somewhat responsive? Will it only work at a certain distance or angle? The likely culprit is a dirty sensor. Debris can accumulate inside the actual opener, particularly dust. Be sure to wipe the sensor away with a clean cloth. Computer screen cleaning cloths are perfect for the task.

If any of the problems persist, call a local professional. All sorts of issues could occur, from the chain to the garage door beam. It may be as simple as a dirty lens. But, it could be the actual garage. If so, it is smart to get it handled quickly before it amounts to something more disastrous. Visit for more information.


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