Improving Your Warehouse Layout Design

Every warehouse has a similar concern when it comes to efficiency: Are we using the space we have available effectively? This is even more of a concern in the current day, as more and more warehouses have had to expand storage capacity and capability to meet increased demands resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic – all without actually expanding their square footage.

Here are a few ways that your warehouse can make more space without changing your building’s dimensions:

Buy Smarter Shelving

Is your pallet racking adjustable? Having shelving solutions that can quickly adapt from storing one type of product or material to another is critical for making the most of the space you have. It is even more important now, as consumer needs are constantly changing along with the everyday landscape of American life. Choose new shelves that offer adjustable heights, widths, and depths where available, and make the most of the space you have.

Go Vertical

When you’re looking for storage space, the best place to look is up! Most warehouses are tall structures with open spaces just above their current shelving. If you can utilize this space without compromising safety, it’s a great way to maximize your current footprint. Look for shelving that sits higher than your current solution to make the most of this space!

Make a Mezzanine

Not sure you can make any more floor space for shelves? Consider adding a mezzanine, or loft space to your warehouse. This will grant you extra storage space, all without expanding or altering your facility’s current footprint. Just remember to use suitable shelving for these spaces to avoid overloading them!

When in doubt, speak to a professional at your local pallet racking manufacturer. They can help you determine what types of shelving are best suited for the space you’re making – and even advise you on how to make more space that you might not have initially realized you had!


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