4 Jobs That Should Be Left To Licensed Electricians In Newnan GA

Many homeowners are often tempted to make electrical repairs on their own to save money. While certain electrical jobs can be handled by the homeowner, such as fixing a tripped fuse, switching out the switch plates on the outlets, and changing a light bulb, there are certain jobs that are dangerous and should only be left to Electricians in Newnan GA.

Frequent Blown Fuses or Tripped Circuit Breakers

If a fuse blows once or if a circuit breaker trips once, it is not a cause for concern. Chances are that the homeowner has too many things plugged into one circuit. Once they unplug an item or two, the problem should be resolved. If the fuses are blowing often or the circuit breakers are tripping often, the homeowner should hire a licensed electrician in Newnan GA. Inspecting and repairing the home’s electrical system is not a DIY project.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

If the lights in the home are constantly flickering or dimming, the homeowner should contact a licensed electrician. This job is too big for the typical homeowner, and if the problem is ignored, it can result in an electrical fire. A licensed electrician would be able to pinpoint the source of the problem and safely repair it.

The Outlets Are Warm To the Touch

If a homeowner wants to replace their current outlet plates with more stylish ones, it is a job they can handle on their own. If they notice that the outlets are warm to the touch, they should contact a licensed electrician. There could be too much stress on that one particular outlet, or it could be something more serious. The homeowner would need to hire an electrician to find and repair the problem as soon as possible.

Electrical Appliance Repair

If a homeowner has an electrical appliance that isn’t working, they might be tempted to try to fix it to get it up and running again quickly. This is a mistake. If the homeowner doesn’t make the repairs correctly, they could cause irreparable damage to the appliance, or it could short out, causing an electrical fire. It is best to leave the repairs of electrical appliances to a licensed electrician.

Most electrical repairs should only be left to licensed Electricians in Newnan GA. For more information, contact Plugged In Electrical.


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