Improve Business: Hire the Experts at Cook Martin Poulson for Evaluation Services

It can be difficult to determine the exact success of a business. Is it measured by gross sales or net profit? Is there a ‘rule of thumb’ used in business that magically calculates the value of a business? Not entirely, and one standard formula that measures success could not accurately measure success for every company. It takes qualified and professional Salt Lake City CPA firms to give precise evaluations. If you leave the evaluation of your business up to a simple formula, you may not get the results that matter the most, the true results. You need the services of professional CPAs that are credentialed.

Every Business Needs Knowledge, Support, and Confidence to Succeed

Owning and operating a business has many different challenges. You do not have to let accounting, important business decisions, taxes, and financial guidance become stumbling blocks. When expert Salt Lake City CPA firms guide your business, they can offer effective and efficient financial advice and solutions, so you have everything you require to meet future challenges with positive purpose. Business valuation services include but are not limited to the following:

•  Executing Buy-Sell Agreements
•  Acquiring a Business
•  Selling a Business
•  Merger Services
•  Family Limited Partnerships
•  Business Valuations for Gift and Estate Tax Purposes

Trust Certified CPA Firms with Serious Credentials

It is wise to choose CPA firms in Salt Lake City like Cook Martin Poulson. They are accredited with Certified Valuation Analyst credentials which are widely recognized and valued in the business industry when it comes to valuation. When a CPA firm has those valuable credentials, they meet standards that are set across a wide spectrum of authorities such as various courts and the IRS. It means their firm has valuation specialists that have been trained extensively and continue with their educations so their clients are afforded cutting edge valuation business techniques, with the expertise to follow positive business trends. Their business valuation services are set to meet the high standards from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Set Your Standards High

The experts at Cook Martin Poulson are experienced in offering their clients the valuation services they need to conduct a strong and successful business. They consult and advise with the goal of giving purpose to your business through the purpose they hold in high esteem in their own business, to treat all of their clients well. You are assured to be treated as a serious business owner that is investing in their business through the professional services of a qualified CPA firm.

Cook Martin Poulson, PC is one of the best Salt Lake City CPA firms, ready to help your business grow with accurate valuation information. Contact them today to set up an appointment and learn how your business can thrive beneath their care.


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