Important Reasons to Use Legal Services for a Minnesota PERA Case

When you are injured on the job, you may soon find yourself embroiled in a legal battle to maintain benefits to which you are entitled under your state’s personal injury laws. Even if you have to quit because you are permanently injured, you do not want to forgo your health insurance, disability benefits and retirement savings that you have paid into all of the years that you worked for your employer.

When it appears that your employer is trying to restrict or cut off access to these and other entitlements, you need to act assertively in your own best interests. One of your first actions can involve hiring a lawyer who has experience in pursuing Minnesota PERA cases.

Keeping Retirement Benefits

One of your main concerns as an injured worker might involve keeping retirement benefits that you have paid into and for all of your working years. You count on them to live on when you can no longer draw a paycheck and have the means to support yourself and your family.

Your lawyer, however, can make sure that you still get payments from your pension if you have paid enough into the program and are eligible for it. Your employer will not cut you off because you are drawing on Social Security disability.

A Minnesota PERA lawyer can also ensure that you retain access to benefits like your employer-subsidized health insurance and disability payments through the company’s insurance. You avoid having to live just on SSDI alone.


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