How to Know When You Should Consult a Brooklyn Bedsore Lawyer

Bedsores are also commonly called pressure ulcers because they occur as a result of lying in one position for too long. This is why bedsores are considered a typical sign of neglect in nursing homes where the staff should be taking steps to prevent these types of sores from developing. You should contact a bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn if you find any of the following signs that your senior loved one’s care has been neglected.

Look For Redness

Someone who has bedsores will have inflamed skin in that general area of the body. That redness will persist even when you put pressure on the skin and release the pressure. Healthy skin will become briefly pale upon releasing the pressure, but this isn’t the case with inflamed skin.

Changes to the Touch

When you touch an area of skin where bedsores are present, you’ll probably notice that the skin feels warmer. This is due to the inflammation and pain caused by the bedsores. You might also notice that the skin in that area feels different. It may feel drier or it may feel softer.

Swelling of the Skin

Eventually, bedsores will be visible and obvious, but this isn’t always the case in the early stages of neglect. If your senior loved one complains about pain, particular on their back, look for swelling in the area. If you see any signs that bedsores may be developing, consult a bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn. An attorney may be able to get your senior parent relief and better care before the condition continues to worsen.

If you suspect your senior loved one has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect, schedule a consultation with Sinel & Olesen, PLLC by visiting their website at


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