Ideas About Courthouse Wedding

A courthouse wedding can help to save money and time, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring or unattractive event. If you are planning to have a courthouse wedding, you can take on one of the following ideas and make your wedding day your own special celebration.

Remember to Send Out Invitations for Courthouse Wedding

First, just because you are getting married at the courthouse doesn’t mean you can’t choose some fabulous wedding invitations and send them out to all your friends and relatives. If you don’t have time to do printed invitations, you can find some nice digital ones and send them out via email or even choose to send out a cute text to announce your special day.

Don’t Forget the Flowers, Photographer

You can also have the same pretty flower arrangements at a courthouse wedding as at any other kind of wedding. If you have to go small, at least get a bouquet for the bride or boutonniere for a groom. You could add a couple small flower arrangements for the room and you get a modest, but still festive look.

Additionally, don’t forget to hire a photographer. You want pictures to remember your wedding day no matter where you get married. There are lots of options for hiring wedding photographers and you are sure to be able to find one, even if your wedding is on short notice.

Dress Up for Your Special Day

Every couple wants to look marvelous on their wedding date so be sure to dress up for the occasion. You can go modern or vintage, it’s your choice, but be sure to wear something like a romantic white gown, a fancy tuxedo, or if you two are really into it, you could even dress up like your favorite TV or movie couple.


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