Custom Patio Door Installation – Because Your Home is Not “Standard”

Whether you need to replace your patio doors or want something new and fresh, you’ll enjoy many benefits with a custom patio door installation. In fact, there are a number of reasons to choose custom doors and when you go with vinyl you receive a world of advantages. Let’s look at some of the great possibilities.

Why Vinyl?
You could choose many different materials for your patio doors and there are a number of options. However, vinyl gives you many extras. For example:

  • Energy efficiency – decrease the work load on your air conditioning in hot weather and make it easier on your heat system in winter. You can enjoy lower energy bills and a more comfortable home interior.
  • Custom colors – when you choose the right company for your custom door installation, you can have any color you like. This is sure to blend in with your home exterior.
  • Durability – vinyl is not only beautiful it is very tough and durable.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance – unlike wood and some other materials, you’ll never have to worry about moisture problems. In addition, wood doors are subject to insect damage. This does not happen with vinyl.
  • Easy to clean – vinyl is one of the simplest and easiest materials to keep clean and looking new. In most cases, you’ll only need to wipe your doors with a soft cloth and perhaps some mild soap and water.
  • Virtually maintenance free – some doors need to be painted periodically but not vinyl. The color is part of the material and paint will not wear off. In addition, scratches do not affect the finish.

Your new custom patio door installation will provide a great view of the out of doors. To learn more about your options, call California Deluxe Windows at (800) 639-9463 now.

California Deluxe Windows is a direct manufacturer of patio doors, French doors and windows, made from high quality vinyl. To find out more about a custom door installation, visit us online today at You can connect with them on Facebook for latest news and updates!


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