How to Prepare Your Cigar Humidifier for Summer?

Summer has arrived and so you need to learn how to prepare your cigar humidifier properly in order to ensure that your precious cigars are ready for summertime. It is important that you keep your cigars at a cool level, since higher levels can cause harm to your cigars. The humidifier ensures that the oils in the cigar stay intact and you don’t have to worry about any cracks in the wrappers of the cigar, which can destroy them. A lot of people have no idea about how to prepare their cigar humidifier for the summer, but you shouldn’t worry, since we have got the ultimate solution for you:

Cleaning and Inspection:

The first step that you need to take is properly inspecting and then cleaning the cigar humidifier. You should ensure that you clean the humidifier thoroughly and you should remove all the cigars from it before cleaning it. Any debris in the humidifier will cause it not to work efficiently and you need to inspect thoroughly to ensure that there isn’t any debris that may harm the cigar. You should also check to see the condition of your cigars and if you find any cigar sticks that have got molds on them, you should remove and discard them immediately.

Seasoning the Humidifier:

Once you have emptied your humidifier you should season it properly in order to ensure that it works properly. Generally the humidifiers come complete with Spanish cedar, which enhances the properties of the cigar and acts as a humidifier as well. You should clean the humidifier of any Spanish cedar residue and keep the humidifier closed and sealed for a period of 24 hours at least. It will work wonders for your humidifier and will have it working as good as new when the summer months come.


The last thing that you need to do with your humidifier is to ensure that you assemble everything back the way it was after seasoning it. You should make sure that you have placed the cigars appropriately in the humidifier, since this will ensure that you don’t have to deal with any surprises or disappointments when you take your cigars out to smoke later on. Everyone enjoys cigars in their own unique way, and there are lots of different ways in which you can prepare humidifiers for the summer months, depending on your personal preference.

However, the above mentioned method for preparing your humidifier for the summer months is highly recommended, since it will ensure that you cigars are in great condition and more importantly they will taste absolutely divine when you take them out to smoke later on.


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