How To Design Modern Kitchens

Over the last few years, the modern interior design trend has quickly overshadowed the traditional look. Dark woods, white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances – these are just a few features you might find in a modern kitchen. If you are not sure what appliances you want to integrate and how you want to create a social area where you can enjoy a coffee with family in the mornings, you would benefit from learning how to put together a cooking space with a contemporary touch.

Introducing Gadgets

Don’t just think about the way your kitchen looks when choosing gadgets for the space because although you will want it to look contemporary, you will also want the space to be functional. Think about what skills you have in the kitchen and what gadgets you will need to prepare meals, whether it’s a blender, toaster, microwave or Aga oven. Smaller details make the biggest difference in a modern space, so consider displaying things like teakettles, potato mashers, juicers, coffee makers and an easy-pour kettle. Highlight these things by getting spotlights installed beneath shelving.

Functional Furniture

Much like you might want to introduce double-duty furniture in the living room, you should also think about doing the same in the kitchen. This is a great way of saving money and space. A kitchen island can be used to designate space and one with hidden storage can be used to conceal clutter. This island can serve as an area for eating, preparing and serving food. Fix a bookshelf above the refrigerator and use to openly store recipe books, pots and pans. If you are working with a small space refrain from buying a large table and instead, buy one that opens up on hinges from the wall, so that you can tuck it away when it is not being used.

Selecting a Colour Theme

Try not to go too overboard when decorating the modern kitchen with colours, because simplicity is the key to making a space appear modern. Stick to just a couple of shades, and create an eye-catching contrast with light and dark colours. Decide how you want to make people feel when they walk into the room and work from this. For example, if you want them to feel calm, decorate with pastel blues, or paint the walls yellow to lift the mood.

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