How to Deep Clean Your Refrigerator Lancaster PA

The refrigerator is the place where food and drink stay cool and maintain their freshness for consumption. It would only make sense to keep the refrigerator clean and sanitary considering the items inside the refrigerator will eventually be going inside your body. Follow these tips to keep a clean Refrigerator Lancaster PA.

Disinfect It

In order to disinfect the refrigerator, simply make sure all the items inside the fridge are removed. From there, make an all-natural cleaner. The cleaner should consist of two cups water, one cup vinegar, two teaspoons of dish soap, and a drop or two of orange essential oil. Mix all of these ingredients in a spray bottle. Give the bottle a good shaking and thoroughly spray the interior of the refrigerator. Once the interior is saturated with the all-natural cleaner, use a cotton cloth to scrub and wipe away any grime and dirt. Use a cotton swab to remove grime from harder to reach areas like crevices, corners, and seals. Allow the interior of the refrigerator to air out for approximately five minutes before moving on.

Deodorize It

Once the refrigerator has been successfully cleaned and disinfected, it is then time to deodorize the Refrigerator Lancaster PA. To do this, place two cups of baking soda in a glass jar without a lid. From there, add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil to the jar. Some of the more popular deodorizing essential oils are: vanilla, orange, lemon, and peppermint. Place the open jar in the very back of the fridge. You can then place the perishable items back in the refrigerator. The open jar of baking soda and the essential oils will absorb any new odors and it will keep the interior smelling fresh and clean. Make sure to give the jar a new burst of freshness every now and then by simply stirring the baking soda with a spoon and adding a few more drops of essential oil. Completely replace the mixture with a new mixture once every three to four months. Click here for more details.

Frequently performing these two tasks will keep your refrigerator free of germs and bacteria. These tips will also keep your fridge smelling great without a rotten food stench. Contact website for more information regarding proper refrigerator care.

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