How the PHP Developer Works in an Atlanta Web Design and Development Team

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional web design and development service is the ability to have different experts involved in the project. This is one of the reasons hiring freelance individuals can be a challenge. It is simply too difficult to know what type of expertise is required for the project.

In Atlanta, the top website development and design companies have specialized professionals on their staff. This includes a PHP developer, who is essential in creating a dynamic website through specialized programming on the server side.

The Benefits

With an experienced PHP developer familiar with different frameworks, it is easy for the team to choose the correct framework to incorporate the features required for the site. Some of the frameworks and the libraries of code are more effective for specific types of websites, making it easier to create a unique yet tested function. This is also an ideal option for databases and for eCommerce sites, which is a large part of what most Atlanta businesses require.

PHP is the language used to create those dynamic features, and it is also used to make websites more accessible by a greater number of users. PHP language is the most widely used for web development which also makes it practical to use for a new website.

Once the PHP developer has selected the correct framework, then the elements required for the website can be easily incorporated. In most cases, the developer does not need to start from scratch, but starts with code and makes modifications to meet the specific requirements for a given site.

This can dramatically speed up the website development process which is also beneficial to the designers, graphic artists and others involved in the project.


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