How Furnace Repair in Seattle Can be Prevented with Regular Maintenance

When discussing furnace maintenance, it doesn’t mean a quick check of the heating system. It offers a tune-up for the entire heating unit. During routine maintenance service calls, the unit will be completely inspected, adjusted and cleaned, and all the moving parts are lubricated. Also, smaller issues, such as corroded wiring and fan belts are fixed before they cause bigger issues helping to reduce the need for Furnace Repair in Seattle. Learning about the specific repairs that can be prevented when annual maintenance is sought will help any homeowner see why this service is so important.

Fan Issues

The fan in a furnace has a number of components that if left unattended, may fall into a state of disrepair. Issues that can be found and fixed with proper maintenance include frayed wiring, electrical and motor issues, worn out fan belts, loose motor mounts, bent or loose fan blades and dry bearings in the fan shaft.

Furnace Burner

The actual components are the furnace can get dirty. If the furnace is covered in a thick layer of dirt and dust, issues can arise, such as excessive wear and tear, the inability for all the burners to light and uneven heating in the home. When routine maintenance is sought, the burner will be inspected carefully and cleaned. This will prevent the need for future Furnace Repair in Seattle due to the burner not working properly.

Ignition of the Furnace

There are a number of modern furnaces that are lit with an electronic ignition. There are two types of ignitions, hot surface and intermittent. Each of these igniters can get dirty. If it is not cleaned, then the igniter may not work properly. A part of routine maintenance includes cleaning the components, which will help prevent issues caused by grime and dirt.

Don’t ignore the furnace until heating season. Doing so will only result on serious issues that may lead to the home having absolutely no heat. Taking the time to call the professionals and invest in this maintenance on a regular basis will pay off in the long run. It will ensure the furnace works properly when it is needed and that it operates efficiently.


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