3 Reasons Why Residents Choose Cremation Services in Bellevue, WA

Almost 47% of funerals now include cremation, nearly twice the number requested in 2000. Clients often arrange for cremation services in Bellevue WA because they need flexibility in making funeral arrangements. It also costs far less than traditional burials. In addition, eco-friendly clients often reach out to professionals like the Cremation Society of Washington in order to pre-plan their own arrangements.

Cremation Allows for Flexibility

There is a growing trend toward personalized, meaningful final arrangements, especially among Baby Boomers. They often choose cremation services in Bellevue WA because it gives families time to gather for memorials. Cremains are easily shipped. They can be scattered almost anywhere or buried near homes. Some families even add cremains to keepsake jewelry. It is also common for families buy small cemetery vaults designed to hold cremains. They are popular among urban dwellers who feel it is important to visit deceased relatives amid peaceful surroundings.

Earth Friendly Cremations Do Not Require Caskets or Burial

Laws require that bodies are cremated in rigid containers, but there is no requirement for a casket. That fact appeals to many earth-friendly residents who do not like the idea of putting wood, steel and concrete into the earth. Since bodies are not embalmed for direct cremation, there are also no chemicals that could pollute natural resources. Clients also like the fact they are saving the land needed for a cemetery plot.

Funeral Costs Are Drastically Reduced

Families also opt for cremation because it is much less expensive than arrangements which include burial. The National Funeral Directors Association estimates that an average adult funeral costs about $7,000. Areas where land is at a premium can be even more expensive. In contrast, most cremation services come in between $700 and $1,000. Some clients go a step further and lock in current prices with pre-planning. They can pay in full or simply make arrangements and ensure that the cash is available at their death. Many pre-plan funerals and then buy insurance designed to cover the costs.

The number of people requesting cremation has almost doubled since the year 2000. Cremations are much less expensive than traditional burials, make funeral planning easier and are earth friendly.


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