How Do You Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball?

Among the most crucial skills for basketball players is their vertical jump. Learning how to cross distances vertically as well as getting some height is an important part of basketball training. Why? Because it enables you to rebound the ball with real impact, leap over defenders, and get you closer to the hoop if you are aiming to dunk the ball from a pretty great distance.

Yes, you need to master all of the usual basketball fundamentals during your basketball training, but it really pays off to discover ways to use strengthening and skill training that increases your vertical and makes it a serious competitive edge.

Naturally, the big question is just how to go about increasing the vertical, and the good news is that there are a lot of simple and easy steps you can add to your basketball training sessions to make it happen. As a prime example, adding depth jump training is one great way to get great gains in vertical jumps. These are done by stepping down from a workout bench and then doing a vertical jump the moment both feet are on the ground. This boosts reaction time and does those bursts of energy that build vertical jumping strength.

Building up strength is also an important part of better verticals, and you can use exercises like:

  • Back squat
  • Hang power clean
  • Box jump ups
  • Squat jumps

These are all forms of weight training, and you need to be sure they are balanced in with your other basketball training activities. Remember that stretching is key, too, and if you want to get serious air, your muscles need to be both strong and limber, so warming up is also a huge part of your training.

And what do you do if you plateau and cannot get much more height? You just add small amounts of weight to your usual exercises. This little bit of added resistance boosts strength and lets you make gains in the vertical. It also helps to be sure you are constantly testing your reaction time and improving agility.

As you begin to incorporate these steps into your basketball training routine, remember you need to actually measure for improvement. Begin with an accurate measure of your current vertical capability. Note it and then do a weekly test to see how much you have progressed and ensured you are not at a plateau stage.

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