How A Bail Bond Company In Midwest City, Oklahoma Can Help Defendants

A Bail Bond Company in Midwest City Oklahoma can be just what a person needs after an arrest. If an individual is arrested, charges are likely. Once charged, the defendant will usually be offered a chance to get released from jail via bail bond. The dollar amount that needs to be posted is set by a judge. In some cases, a defendant only has to provide a signature to a document that states the defendant will show up for all court dates, but usually a defendant will have to pay money to get released.

The problem with paying money to get released from jail is that some people don’t have the money to spare. Even for small cases, bonds can be set as high as $1,000. If the $1,000 isn’t paid, the defendant will have to stay in custody until the case has worked its way through the court system. This could take months. For more serious matters, it can take over a year. It’s easy to see how a defendant can lose a job, a home, and even relationships if bond can’t be posted. So how does a Bail Bond Company in Midwest Oklahoma area, fit into the picture? When using the services of such a company, a defendant only needs 10% of the bond. So, instead of paying the $1,000 to get released from jail, the defendant only needs to offer up $100.

It’s important for defendants to understand that being release doesn’t mean that they are completely free. There are usually conditions for bail that have to be met or the defendant will be arrested again. If a defendant is arrested for violating bail conditions, there isn’t any guarantee that the judge will consider setting a new dollar amount for release. Defendants should stay out of situations that could get them in trouble. People have had their bails revoked because of failed drug tests due to second-hand marijuana smoke. Judges usually don’t care to hear why conditions were violated. They tend to only want their rules followed to the letter.

A Bail Bond Company can help a person continue life outside of jail while fighting charges in court. Some companies will even offer financing to those who can’t come up with 10% of the bond.


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