Actions to Take Before Seeing an Accident Lawyer in King George VA

Being in an auto accident often occurs when it’s least anticipated. An auto accident can negatively influence many parts of a person’s life including professional, marital, and social. After an accident, a car accident victim may not be able to work and earn a living. It may also be difficult to deal with other people involved in the car accident. There may come a time when it’s necessary to see an Accident Lawyer in King George VA area. The following guidelines can help a person prepare for an initial visit.

It’s important to remember that an initial meeting will be the time for a person to show the lawyer his willingness to do his part on the case. An Accident Lawyer in King George VA will use this meeting as a basis for deciding whether he wants to take the case. Being organized, cordial, and receptive to what the lawyer has to say will help a person be accepted as a client.

An accident victim should organize documents and other information into folders and label the folders. This will help the lawyer review them more easily. Some information a person should bring includes the accident report, medical bills from being in the accident, receipts for medicines purchased because of the accident, and all verbal or written correspondence with any insurance company. It’s important for a person to provide the names and phone numbers of witnesses along with copies of written statements from parties involved in the car accident and bystanders.

It’s a good idea for the lawyer to lead the initial meeting. This appointment will usually start with the lawyer asking a car accident victim about the events of the accident. A person may want to write down these events beforehand. It’s also beneficial for a potential client to write down a list of questions to ask the accident lawyer. A friend or relative of a car accident victim can come to the meeting to write these answers down if the lawyer permits it.

These suggestions are just the basics of getting ready for an initial meeting with an Accident Lawyer. For more information on preparation tips, a person can talk to a professional like John P. Harris III, Attorney at Law. This legal representative handles numerous areas of practice including car accident injuries, drunk driving injuries, and medical malpractice claims.


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