Hotels in Moorhead, MN, Welcome Disc Golfers

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Hotels and Resorts


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The hotels in Moorhead, MN, and surrounding locale receive a lot of business in the summertime because the warm climate is considered precious in this often colder part of the US. When the temperatures become warmer, many locals and visitors also head over to Woodlawn Park in Moorhead, MN, where disc golfers can hone their skills in this wooded enclave.

Other Names for Frolfing

If you stay at The Holiday Inn Fargo, for instance, you are just a short distance from the “frolfing” park. Frolfing, which is another name for disc golf, is played over an 18-hole course. The sport is also known as folfing or Frisbee golf.

The names give you a pretty clear hint as to what is used in this golf-like activity—a frisbee, or disc. The sport requires that players throw a disc at a target. The idea is to traverse a frolfing course, from start to finish, with the fewest number of throws. Besides the park in Woodlawn, the game is enjoyed in approximately 40 countries across the globe.

Plan to Frolf in Moorhead

If you visit Moorhead in the summer, book your reservation at one of the hotels in town and plan to frolf, or play disc golf, at Woodlawn Park. To give you an idea of how the game is played, play starts on each hole with a player throwing from a specific spot—an area known as a tee box. The tee box is usually designated by a tee pad that measures about 5 feet x 12 feet in diameter.

At least one foot should touch the tee box when the disc is released. The disc is considered to be at rest once it stops moving. If a disc breaks, then the biggest piece establishes the position. Take time to reserve a room at one of the Moorhead-Fargo hotels, and plan to visit Woodlawn this summer. The park is also home to walking trails and softball and basketball courts. Click here to know more about the best hotels in Moorhead, MN.

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