A Fresh Kitchen with Laminates and Wood Veneers in San Fernando Valley, CA

Laminates and veneers are two of the best things to happen to the home kitchen remodeling process. As an affordable alternative to stone and other solid countertop materials, high quality laminates offer a lot of diversity in terms of both style and color. Wood veneers make kitchen cabinet resurfacing easier than ever before, which serves as a cost saving alternative to a complete cabinet tear out and replacement.

Versatility in Kitchen Design

The quality of modern laminates combines durability and quality with style and design at a reasonable price. With hundreds of available designs, styles, and colors in the market nowadays, there is sure to be a countertop laminate to fit just about anyone’s taste. Laminate countertops are available to replicate the look of any stone product, and they offer a variety of edge profiles that can make them hard to distinguish from more expensive materials.

The simplicity and affordability of Harter Surfaces laminates and wood veneers in San Fernando Valley, CA make it easy for a homeowner to resurface a kitchen to give it a fresh look. It won’t cost a fortune to make those countertops and cabinets look brand new, even if a homeowner’s taste and preferences change often. Laminates and veneers can be customized to satisfy any type of design.

Solid Quality in a Laminated Product

From the latest in Formica to high pressure Arborite, modern laminates are rigid, they are wear and stain resistant, the material is non-porous, and it is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty to provide homeowners with the highest of quality. Precision joints and corners give laminate countertops the appearance and feel of solid stone.

Wood veneers applied with precision and the latest in adhesive technology allow old cabinets to take on a completely different appearance. This faux material can mimic almost any other type of substance, such as granite or marble, which allows homeowners to both save money and achieve their desired aesthetic.

Ready to Install Convenience

Laminates and wood veneers offer professional quality and ease of installation for the “do-it-yourself” (DIY) homeowner. DIY friendly, or “Ready to Install Packages,” are usually cut to size and they feature everything needed for a DIY installation.


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