Heating Repair in Tacoma, Wa: Covering All the Bases to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

According to recent reports, this winter is expected to be a repeat of the nation’s last cold season. Heating costs, though, are expected to swell for those relying on natural gas as well as electricity. For many this means the next few weeks will consist of looking for ways to possibly reduce their homes’ heating costs during the coming months. Both Heating Repair in Tacoma Wa and simple home improvement efforts will go a long way toward achieving this goal.

Checking Doors and Windows

By some accounts, the average American home loses as much as 30 percent of its heating and cooling through doors and windows. Most modern windows are designed to combat this level of inefficiency, and a number of door materials provide additional insulation as well. For older homes, though, applying reflective window films may help reduce the amount of heat lost during those colder months.

Ensuring the seals around doors and windows are in good shape is also a good idea. Weather stripping and window films are available at virtually any hardware or home improvement store. They’re fairly inexpensive and relatively simply to install.

Routine Furnace Maintenance

Today’s home heating systems are much more efficient than those of the past. They’re designed to provide optimum benefits while wasting as little energy as possible. Still, they tend to lose as much as 10 percent or their original efficiency each year if not maintained properly. Be sure to have your system inspected at least once each year but preferably twice. During these inspections, any Heating Repair in Tacoma Wa that needs to be performed will be found and carried out before it has a chance to hamper efficiency and effectiveness.

Regular Insulation Upgrades

Roll-out fiberglass and blown-in insulation are notorious for settling over time. While spray foam doesn’t present this same issue, foundation shifting and other common problems can lead to the need for touch-ups here and there. Either way, taking a look at your home’s insulation at least once a year and upgrading as needed can help improve and maintain efficiency.

Heating system inspections and maintenance are vital to ensuring your home remains comfortable and efficient. Still, the heating system can’t cover all the bases on its own. Keep an eye on the doors, windows, insulation and other aspects to be sure they’re doing their part to foster efficiency. The time and effort involved will pay off considerably in the long run.


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