Growing the Aleurites Mollucana in Honolulu, HI

Hawaiian plants are some of the most interesting and beautiful plants to cultivate and grow. Therefore, learning more about individual plants can increase your enjoyment of caring for them.

The State Tree of Hawaii

One of the popular plant species is the Aleurites mollucana in Honolulu, HI. This plant is also the official state tree of Hawaii. It was given this title in 1959. Also referred to the as the kukui tree or candlenut tree, kukui nuts were used to make candles in earlier times.

The blossom that grows on the tree is also used for leis in Moloka’i. This tree is not indigenous to Hawaii although it is, as stated, the state’s official tree. Instead, the plant originates from Indonesia. It was introduced to the Pacific islands, including Polynesia, in more recent times.
The Aleurites mollucana is considered as one of the world’s most multi-purpose trees. In Indonesia, it has been cultivated for both commercial uses and subsistence. For example, the seeds are used in pharmaceuticals, cooking, and lighting. The trunk is harvested for timber.

An Easy-to-Grow Tree

While the Aleurites mollucana is an easy-to-grow plant, it has not been grown on a large commercial scale. Instead, the tree is normally cultivated for use in gardens or around farms. The medium-sized tree features a large spreading crown and may feature a crooked trunk or pendulous side branches. The bark is colored a brownish-gray and features fine vertical lines. The leaves on the tree are considered distinctive.

To make the most of the plant in your yard, you should  online. By referring to a business that features Hawaiian-grown plants, you can learn how to introduce the tree in your own landscape.

The best time to plant this tree is at the start of a rainy season. Also, early weeding is suggested. Weeding should be done every three months during the first year after a tree is planted. After that time, or during a period of about three years, weeding should be performed twice a year.


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