Cremation Is An Alternative To Funerals In San Diego, CA

It is not unusual to be skeptical about cremation. Basically, more information is available about Funerals in San Diego CA. Indeed, there are questions about the cremation industry. First, there are those who question whether they’re getting a loved one’s remains. Moreover, others are misinformed and think they cannot be present at the cremation. Here is some information to clarify the process.

The Procedure

The crematorium needs authorization from the family to pick up a loved one’s remains. Afterward, family representatives must meet with the staff to sign several documents. Further, the facility must receive full payment before the cremation begins. The body is usually placed in a paper or wooden box prior to going into the chamber.

Only one body goes into the cremation chamber at a time. In addition, there are safeguards in place to verify identification at various stages in the process. Likewise, there are limits on the number of cremations per day. The staff needs time to properly clean the chamber so ashes are not co-mingled.

The body is exposed to high heat and is not reduced to ashes. Rather, bone fragments are left and a machine makes them smaller. The facility places the cremains in a temporary box and follows the family’s instructions. Generally, the family wants to have a memorial service which can be held at the facility.

Cremation Is Environmentally Sound

Laws were put in place decades ago to ensure that crematoriums used special filters and other methods to protect the environment. Many argue that cremation is better for the environment than Funerals in San Diego CA. That’s because land is needed for traditional earth burials. Over the years, a shortage of land developed for cemetery expansion. Further, there is some concern that embalmed bodies may taint groundwater. Embalming fluid contains formaldehyde which is toxic.

Other Myths

Consumers need to visit the crematory to get rid of any preconceived notions. The staff gladly allows visitors to tour the facility. One of the biggest myths is that family is not allowed at the cremation. In reality, family members are allowed and this is required by some religions. In any event, a reputable crematorium should be licensed by the state. Further, the license should be displayed for all to see.


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