Great Ideas for Themed Wedding Invitations

Themed weddings can be a fun way to add your creative flair to your ceremony. Of course, if you are planning a themed wedding, you are probably considering every tiny detail and trying to get the theme just right. You have themed drinks, a themed cake, themed decorations, and maybe even a themed dress or tuxedo. To make sure that your guests arrive prepared to celebrate in style, it is important to reveal your theme before they get all dressed up and come to your ceremony. Themed wedding invitations are the perfect way to express your creativity and guide your guests into the world you have created for your special day. Here are just a few ideas to help you imagine the perfect invitation.

By the Seashore

If you are holding your wedding beachside, you might be embracing a nautical theme. Your themed wedding invitations can transport your guests to the shore right as they stand by their mailboxes. You can print your invitation in lights blues, surround by imprints of minimalist waves. Or, you can choose a card in the shape of a seashell, as though you have just plucked your invitation from the beach. Beach-themed invitations can express the light, airy, peaceful feel of your seaside wedding.

In the Glamorous City

You might be considering a wedding that reflects the city it takes place in. Perhaps you want your wedding and reception to feel like a classy night out on the town. To accomplish this, you might want to consider bold, simple text in a dark font, with sharp lines. You can also imprint the a distinguishing monument or the skyline of your city on the invitation.

Blast to the Past

Many weddings adopt the styles of eras that have come before, such as the 1920s or the 1930s. These decades seem particularly romantic, with the boom of nightclubs, elegant clothes, and art. Perhaps you want to channel a speakeasy or a 1930s garden party. Themed wedding invitations can lead your guests into another time. Art Deco-styled fonts and designs can make a huge difference on an invitation. Your choice of paper can also impact the overall vintage appearance of your invitation.

Let Your Imagination Shape Every Detail

No matter what theme you have chosen for your wedding, your invitation is key part of communicating that theme to your guests. You can help make your guests excited to dress the part by crafting an invitation that explains the theme in words and shows the theme with style. As you plan your ideal aesthetic, you don’t have to feel limited by plain or traditional cards and envelopes.

For your wedding, consider themed wedding invitations by Regal Cards to bring your theme to life from the very start. You can explore amazing ways to craft themed wedding invitations down to the tiniest details, from the font and the paper to the envelope seal.


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