Acquiring A Free Car Insurance Quote In Monterey

California drivers are required to fulfill their financial responsibility by purchasing and maintaining automobile insurance. These requirements imply that the driver will possess at least $15,000 per injury in any given automobile accident that extends up to a maximum of $30,000. These policies should offer no less than $5,000 for vehicle damage. If you wish to acquire a free Car Insurance Quote in Monterey today.

Changes in Insurance Laws

Under California Vehicle Code 16058, the DMV is required by law to maintain up to date electronic records for all registered automobiles. These records are required to have a copy of the driver’s current insurance policy information to provide proof of insurance. At any time that the proof provided by the driver expires or is canceled, the DMV is required to notify the owner by mail.

This notification provides the driver with a deadline for when he or she must update this information or suffer the penalty of a fine based on previous violations. The DMV may contact the insurance carrier to determine whether the policy was canceled by the policyholder or due to a failure to pay insurance premiums.

Alternatives to Liability Insurance

Vehicle owners have an alternative to purchasing automobile insurance. They can provide a cash deposit with the DMV in the amount of $35,000, acquire a self-insurance certificate issued by the DMV, or secure a $35,000 surety bond from a company that operates within the state of California.If the vehicle owner is unable to fulfill their financial responsibility through these alternatives or cannot afford liability insurance, there is a low-cost automobile insurance program offered by the state.

All drivers in California should fulfill their financial responsibility as outlined in California state laws to avoid penalties. This includes maintaining at least liability insurance or an alternative mentioned above. This also includes any additional requirements based on traffic violations such as DUI in which you may need extended coverage such as SR-22 insurance. If you wish to learn more about these insurance requirements for insurance and receive a Car Insurance Quote in Monterey today, you should visit for your preferred insurance carrier promptly.





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