3 factors to consider when installing a shower door

Adding a glass shower door to your home can be an amazing addition. A glass shower door can add elegance and grace to your bathroom. When considering semi frameless shower screens in TX make sure you consider the style, space, and glass type.

Know what style you want

What style do you want your door to fit into? Is your door going over a tub? If so, then you’ll probably need a sliding tub door. If your shower is wide, then you might need a sliding shower door. Maybe you want a door that opens into the bathroom. If you want a door that opens into your bathroom, then you’re looking for a pivoting shower door.

Measure your space careful

Before contacting a shower door company, you need to take some measurements. Find the widest point and take the width. Additionally, you should measure the height. Find a height that you will be happy with. You don’t want any splashing over the door when you’re in the shower, so make sure you get a door that is tall enough.

Choose which glass type you want

Shower doors can come in a variety of glass types. If you’re looking for privacy, then get a glass with a pattern or texture. You may want more natural light in your shower. If you want natural light, then you should consider clear glass.

When looking to add a semi frameless shower door at Mr. Glass & Mirror make sure you consider these three factors. You want to get the best shower door for you, so do your diligence and you’ll love the results.


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